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The Business Impact of Intentional Nurse Recognition Programs

The Business Impact of Intentional Nurse Recognition Programs

All organizations require a focus not only on the results and outcomes of a business, but also on the people who work tirelessly to create those outcomes. The health care field is no different, and perhaps, a case could be made that there is a unique requirement for ‘people care’ within this particular domain that is 100% committed to the physical care of others.

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Zach Lipner

Zach Lipner, a professional services consultant with WorkProud, highlights the importance of caring about employees, especially within the context of employee recognition and helping them feel pride in their work, and pride in their company. He writes in ‘The Daily Nurse’: “In nursing, we’re learning that pride in the workforce can actually result in something extraordinary — improved patient care, especially during a time of enormous stress and challenges.”



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