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Build a Culture of Workplace Pride

Imagine an inspired workplace culture. A place where employees feel proud of their work and proud of their company. We call this a WorkProud® Culture.

WorkProud has been helping clients create inspired cultures for over 20 years. We deliver customized employee experiences that combine communications, recognition and rewards under a common client-branded platform.

We offer a proven, 3-step approach to helping our clients create pride-building cultures.

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Harnessing the Inspiring Power of Pride to Motivate and Engage

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Simplify the Employee Experience ("EX")

WorkProud helps clients combine multiple employee programs under a unified, mobile, Company branded EX platform. Align your onboarding, anniversary, recognition, celebration, wellbeing, innovation and DE&I programs under a common platform. Simplify, streamline and unify your programs.

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Performance management is the single most important enabler of company-wide success. Instead of once-a-year performance review events, WorkProud creates a year-round repository of consistent feedback and recognition between managers and employees. This leads to ongoing accountability and measurability, which allows cross-functional teams to collaborate and meet their business objectives.

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An employee’s first encounter with a company is key in setting the tone for a trust-based relationship that creates a successful partnership over time. WorkProud provides all the integration points for onboarding systems to broadcast the successful milestones each employee experiences as they integrate with the team.

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Recognition allows employees to feel that their daily contributions are valued and connected to the overall vision and outcomes of an organization. WorkProud provides a continuous stream of formal and informal recognition that goes a long way in creating a culture of workplace trust, inclusion and pride.

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When employees achieve significant milestones in their relationship with a company, recognizing them provides the non-monetary, emotional and meaningful feedback that empowers and enables continuing success. WorkProud makes it easy to access milestone data from any existing human capital system and displays it transparently thus enabling a culture of appreciation and recognition.

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Every organization is powered by trust. When people overcome silos and refer others for opportunities and interaction, there is a greater likelihood of successful, trust-based relationships. WorkProud creates an environment where referrals are seamlessly made by providing direct links to any systems that require the sourcing of talent and capability in a cross-functional environment.

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Inclusion is the backbone of business success in today’s multicultural, diverse workforce. Organizations that embrace inclusion beyond mere platitudes are producing successful business outcomes. WorkProud provides a recognition and rewards infrastructure that empowers and promotes an inclusive culture of success.

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Since an organization’s people are the core engine driver of all business outcomes, their well-being becomes the core business lever for ensuring engagement and company performance. WorkProud introduces systems, processes and technology that enhances individual and company pride in employees, that helps to reduce stress, increases job satisfaction and provides the launching pad for company-wide success.

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The free and continuous exchange of ideas in a creative, psychologically safe environment is a key requirement for company-wide innovation. WorkProud seamlessly integrates all communication efforts between teams in a transparent manner that improves processes required for creating new products and services, increasing operational efficiency and (ultimately) business profitability.

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Experiencing These Challenges?

Unwanted Turnover

Increasingly, employees are leaving organizations because they do not feel connected to their work or their company's mission. WorkProud helps you build a positive culture that attracts and retains top talent.

Disjointed Employee Experience

Multiple homegrown programs deliver a confusing employee experience with higher costs and lower returns. WorkProud provides a unified, inspired, digital employee experience.

Low Engagement & Recognition

Employee survey results consistently show low engagement and a lack of consistent recognition. WorkProud helps you build a work environment that aligns your reward and recognition initiatives with your business goals and objectives.

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Creating Inspiring Cultures for Today's Leading Organizations

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What Our Customers Say

"Unlike many incentive vendors that are simply trying to sell you something, Online Rewards is a true partner with shared goals and the motivation to see our program succeed."

"Online Rewards consistently goes above and beyond to make sure that our concerns are handled with the utmost professionalism. They are extremely responsive, and come up with creative solutions to whatever complex issues we throw their way."

"At Macy's our Everyday Magic site has helped drive engagement. Associates love celebrating each other, and it helps people feel valued for their daily contributions."

"Just want to say how much we love working with the WorkProud team. They always seek to (and seem to) understand where we are coming from and inspire such confidence with their knowledge. They are the best!"

"Overall, the WorkProud team has been wonderful to work with and we look forward to our continued partnership both now and in the future!"

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Build a Culture of Workplace Pride


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