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At WorkProud, we believe that a workforce with a positive outlet to invoke pride can achieve extraordinary things. That’s why we’ve crafted a world-renowned employee recognition and rewards platform designed to energize your company culture by igniting inspiration, appreciation, and employee engagement.

It’s simple – we provide client-branded and custom solutions that lead to programs that foster employee connections, boost productivity, and most importantly, create an environment where employees are proud of the work they do and proud of the company they work for.

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Jim Dunn, PhD, DHA, FACHE

The Inspired Workplace Monthly Webinar | July 18, 12:00 pm CT

The Comedy Connection: Prominent HR Leader Explores Humor's Impact on Culture

with Jim Dunn, PhD, DHA, FACHE

This webinar has ended. Please visit our webinars page to watch the replay.

Marcus Evans Webinar | Wednesday, June 12th, 12:00 pm CT

The Fierce Power of Storytelling

Creating shared messaging and experiences that connect employees and strengthen the employer brand

Dr. Paul White

The Inspired Workplace Monthly Webinar | February 15, 12:00 pm CT

Creating a Positive Work Culture
with the 5 Languages of Appreciation

with Dr. Paul White Psychologist, Best-selling Author and Speaker

This webinar has ended. Please visit our webinars page to watch the replay.
BlueCross BlueShield
BlueCross BlueShield

Recognize, Retain, Celebrate, and Empower Employees Under One Virtual Roof

WorkProud is at the forefront of creating amazing, mobile, global, employee experiences that connects your reward and recognition programs under a fully brandable, integrated platform. We align your onboarding, anniversary, recognition, celebration, well-being, innovation and DE&I programs under a common architecture to create a simplified platform that engages and inspires.

WorkProud can integrate with over 200+ HRIS systems and available in over 120 countries.

With the WorkProud tools and analytics platform, you’ll generate the insights to create a world-class culture everyone can be proud of where they work and what they do.

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Performance management is essential. WorkProud creates a space for consistent feedback and recognition, replacing the old annual reviews. This boosts accountability, drives collaboration (in-office, remote, hybrid, deskless, etc.), and helps achieve business goals.

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A positive onboarding experience paves the way for a trust-based relationship and a successful partnership. WorkProud provides all the integration points for onboarding systems to broadcast the successful milestones each employee experiences as they integrate with the team.

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Recognition allows employees to feel that their daily contributions are valued and connected to the overall company vision. WorkProud offers a steady flow of both formal and informal recognition, nurturing trust, inclusion, and pride in the workplace.

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When employees achieve company milestones, recognition provides the non-monetary, emotional, and social satisfaction that empowers success. WorkProud simplifies access to milestone data, fueling a culture of appreciation and recognition through transparency.

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Trust fuels every organization. WorkProud makes referrals seamless, offering direct links to talent and capability sourcing for stronger, trust-based relationships across functions.

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In today’s multicultural and diverse workforce, organizations that embrace inclusion are producing more successful business outcomes. WorkProud provides a recognition and rewards infrastructure that empowers and promotes an inclusive culture of success.

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We believe in the power of people! WorkProud provides solutions that enhance individual and company pride, which helps to reduce stress, increase job satisfaction, and provide the launching pad for company-wide success.

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Company-wide innovation requires an open, creative, and safe environment to exchange ideas. WorkProud provides a streamlined and transparent platform to improve processes for creating products and services, increasing operational efficiency, and business profitability.

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A Comprehensive
& Simplified Solution

Going Beyond
Employee Expectations

A positive work environment has a direct correlation to productivity and company performance. WorkProud has crafted an employee recognition and engagement platform that provides instant gratification, social satisfaction, and rewards that go beyond employee expectations.

How a Recognition Program Can Help Overcome Business Challenges

Say Goodbye to
Unwanted Turnover

Employees with high company pride are 24x more likely to stay at their current companies.

Keeping top talent can be a challenge. Employees are leaving simply because they don't feel connected to their work or their company's mission

Embrace a Unified Employee Experience

70% of all U.S. media time comes from mobile apps.

Multiple homegrown programs deliver a confusing employee experience with higher costs and lower returns. WorkProud provides a seamless, inspired, and digital employee experience.

Boost Engagement
& Recognition

Employees with high levels of individual pride are 10x more likely to be highly satisfied.

WorkProud helps you build a work environment that aligns your reward and recognition initiatives with your business goals and objectives.

Creating Best Places to Work
Doesn't Just Happen

Leading Experts Share Best Practices - The Power of a WorkProud Culture


Best selling authors Dr. Bob Nelson, President of Nelson Motivation Inc., and Kevin Sheridan, author of “The Virtual Manager,” discuss the pressing issues of Hybrid Work. Dive into the challenges and strategies surrounding the push to bring workers back to the office, coupled with insights into virtual recognition.

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What Our Proud Partners Say

"Unlike many incentive vendors that are simply trying to sell you something, WorkProud is a true partner with shared goals and the motivation to see our program succeed."

"WorkProud consistently goes above and beyond to make sure that our concerns are handled with the utmost professionalism. They are extremely responsive, and come up with creative solutions to whatever complex issues we throw their way."

"At Macy's our Everyday Magic site has helped drive engagement. Associates love celebrating each other, and it helps people feel valued for their daily contributions."

"Just want to say how much we love working with the WorkProud team. They always seek to (and seem to) understand where we are coming from and inspire such confidence with their knowledge. They are the best!"

"Overall, the WorkProud team has been wonderful to work with and we look forward to our continued partnership both now and in the future!"

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