Flexible Professional Services

Far more than a technology platform, WorkProud® is a comprehensive and flexible approach to building company cultures where people are Proud of their Work and Proud of their Company.

We collaborate and complement your human capital team’s resources – adding our knowledge, experience and tools to design, develop and create inspiring employee experiences that are aligned with your company’s mission and purpose.

Deliver Cultural Transformation

Cultural Assessment

Using focus groups and employee population surveys, WorkProud Professional Service Teams will compare and benchmark your company culture against others in similar industries. Leveraging a data-driven baseline, WorkProud will establish program objectives to quantify and implement your culture-shift priorities.

Change Management

WorkProud will design a custom, flexible change management program for your company that considers current and future state objectives. Our design approach will consider both the strategic outcomes and corresponding tactical elements that are exciting, engaging and meaningful for all levels of an organization.

Internal Marketing

Working with your internal communications teams, WorkProud will design, develop and deploy the program launch and ongoing communications to promote the adoption of digital employee experiences. This internal marketing will support cultural change while fully leveraging your company’s brand and its story.

Your WorkProud Number™

The WorkProud professional services approach begins by analyzing workplace cultural factors to develop a simple analytical proxy: The WorkProud Number.

Leveraging an actionable, just-in-time assessment methodology, this process provides deep insights to produce a clear path toward cultural alignment. The WorkProud Number is powered by The WorkProud Study, a groundbreaking research project that revealed the impact of workplace pride on employee engagement and business outcomes.

Cultural transformation begins with the simple question: “What’s your WorkProud Number?”

S.M.A.R.T. Recognition™​

One of the greatest challenges to building a culture of high employee engagement is how to inspire engagement in the first place. Fortunately, the link between recognition and engagement is clear;  not only does recognition boost individual employee engagement, but it has also been found to increase company productivity overall. The gap that remains is essentially how to ‘make recognition stick’, ensuring that it gets done consistently and with quality execution in the workplace.

WorkProud addresses this gap head-on by providing a comprehensive methodology and learning transfer model that delivers ‘S.M.A.R.T.’ Recognition capabilities to all levels of an organization.

Dedicated Management

All WorkProud programs are supported by teams of experienced and certified Recognition Professionals who work arduously to ensure success and long-term strategic growth through regular program performance reviews, in-depth program and ROI analysis and recommendations based on years of experience and knowledge. 

Start Your WorkProud Culture

We will provide you with the expertise, technology and change management capabilities to help transform your company culture to build purpose and pride in the workplace.

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