It Takes More Than Technology to Create an Inspired Workplace Culture

At WorkProud, we’re not just a tech platform; we’re your strategic partner. We go beyond technology, offering a powerful blend of professional services and seamless system integration. Our approach encompasses strategic design, change management, learning and development, and cutting-edge internal communication protocols to drive cultural adoption and unlock exceptional business results.

We connect your company’s core values, goals, and objectives with the personal aspirations of your employees through mobile, social, global communications, and engaging elements.

When Work is Backed by Pride It Makes a Difference


…of the world’s employees
are “quiet quitting”


…of employees want to change workplace engagement or culture


…of disengaged employees are watching for or actively seeking a new job

WorkProud addresses these challenges head-on. Our services and cutting-edge engagement and recognition software ignite employee motivation, fostering a deep sense of accomplishment and value for their contributions. When the work is backed with pride, it increases individual employee engagement, productivity, and business outcomes.

Remote Work is Here to Stay


WorkProud is a Professional Services and Software Technology Platform that addresses the most critical challenges facing today’s global organizations: engaging employees, recognizing them, and creating a culture that sustains and encourages workplace pride, purpose, and high performance.

We grow with our customers. They start where they are, with relevant integrations and customizations and we provide the ongoing management, maintenance, employee support, fulfillment, and placement of orders for their recognition infrastructure.


Each WorkProud implementation is mobile, configurable, and customizable so that organizations can deliver unique sets of experiences that inspire employees to be proud of their work and proud of their company. 

WorkProud technology seamlessly Integrates with internal HRIS systems and other tools to deliver a unified employee experience.


WorkProud collaborates with internal HR teams – bringing knowledge, experience, and tools to design, develop and create inspiring employee experiences that are aligned with a company’s mission and purpose.

WorkProud has a deep commitment and focus on corporate security, compliance, and significant integration touchpoints with major systems providers.

Recognition and Rewards

WorkProud recognizes, engages, and motivates employees. It is a key tool for inspiring positive employee perceptions and ultimately delivering desired business outcomes.

WorkProud features rewards programs set up with customized awards catalogs. Customers benefit from world-class catalog design, volume pricing, streamlined fulfillment, end-user support and a limitless array of global reward options.

Well-Being the PERMA Way
The Distance Is Not A Problem: 6 Ideas For Distributed Team Recognition

Ongoing Support

Every WorkProud implementation features ongoing, dedicated account management with comprehensive reporting and analytics tools; onscreen, real-time dashboards, and downloadable reports. Reporting views are created to empower management teams to yield the greatest impact from their employee experience implementations.

Start Your WorkProud Culture

A workplace culture where employees are proud of their work and proud of their company is essential for achieving an organization's business objectives. We call this a WorkProud Culture.

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