New Recognition Program Enhances Work Culture

Challenges and Objectives

During the first stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, First Federal Bank of Florida successfully adopted a remote working policy. As events unfolded, the organization implemented a hybrid work model, considered optimal by most HR experts globally. However, the interplay of constant changes and the prevalence of remote work promoted disengagement and loneliness among employees, affecting their mental health and productivity. First Federal Bank needed to modify its rewards & recognition programs to address these issues, as well as to attract talent from younger generations. Millennials and Generation Z employees are particular about an employer’s work culture and how it impacts them. As Lisa Hutcherson, SVP and Director of Human Capital Strategies at First Federal Bank explained, reward and recognition are important aspects of work culture influencing a person’s employment choice.




Primary Target:
Employee Recognition

Solutions Provided by WorkProud

WorkProud platform and mobile app. Peer-to-peer social recognition. Manager awards. Spot awards for immediate recognition and reinforcement of First Federal Bank’s core values. Multiple programs integrated under one platform, including wellness, sales, recognition, milestones, and performance management. Program gamification. 

Digital Platform

Performance Management

Employee Awards

Peer Recognition

"It's had an incredible impact for employees, not only remote, but also in person."

“It has been so empowering for those that have felt like a wilted flower on an island by themselves to be able to feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves. So, by all means, we cannot stop saying enough positive things about this program and the impact that it’s had, not only on the emotional mindset of our employees but also on how they view the future of work. It’s showing to trend in the positive.”

– Lisa Hutcherson, SVP Director of Human Capital Strategies at First Federal Bank of Florida

The Results

The WorkProud recognition program allows employees at First Federal Bank to better collaborate and connect with coworkers within their immediate work departments or across company functions. As a result of the WorkProud recognition program, the organization enjoys a stronger work culture supporting the emotional and psychological well-being of all employees. As a result:

  • Employees have become more productive.
  • Client-customer relationships have improved as employees have shown increased confidence and satisfaction while carrying out their duties.
  • There has been improved collaboration and cooperation between peers and managers.

What First Federal Bank Learned

  • A happy and satisfied workforce translates into loyal customers.
  • The right recognition program helps to build positive work-based relationships and communication.
  • Potential employees are attracted to organizations with a great work culture.
  • Great recognition programs improve the emotional and psychological well-being of employees, which in turn, enhances company productivity.

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