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WorkProud provides the technology, services, and support necessary for companies to create a seamless and unified digital employee experience with various reward and recognition programs. We streamline Recognition, Onboarding, Milestones, Innovation, D&I, Well-Being, and Referrals into one cohesive platform, making the employee journey simple and enriching.

We replace outdated and ineffective approaches to employee rewards and recognition with a unified platform that reflects your company’s core values and inspires employees to feel proud of the work they do and proud of their company.

Bringing Motivation to Employees One Platform at a Time

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Michael Levy

Michael Levy


“The inception of Online Rewards/WorkProud as a career path for me was spawned by a fortunate stroke of serendipity. Over 20 years ago, I found myself at a certain restaurant in Dallas with my muse (and spouse) Dianna Levy. I asked her why we selected this particular restaurant and her response was, “Because they have airline miles.” At that stage — as a starving entrepreneur — airline miles were the only way Dianna and I would be able to visit our families back in Australia.

Consequently, I thought to myself: “We chose this restaurant almost entirely because of a points promotion! Funny what people will do for points! Perhaps we should build a company that creates points programs.” The rest, as they say, is history.

What makes the story even funnier, is that during the course of that dinner conversation it was suggested that I visit Cincinnati to meet the younger brother of one of our dinner companions. As luck would have it, that introduction began the connection between our two major locations — Dallas and Cincinnati — and has formed the foundation of a 20-year business relationship.”

Leadership Team

Matt Zorn - CIO

Matt Zorn


John Knodel

John Knodel

Director of Client Services

Comprehensive Solutions for Sustainable Results

WordProud is a service of WHAPPS LLC. Founded in 2002, WHAPPS (web-hosted applications) provides the technology, services, and expertise behind many of the world’s best employee, customer, and channel reward programs.

Linked with Results

We take a strategic approach to set up rewards and recognition programs that align with your company's objectives, allowing your employees to see how their contributions make an impact.

Personalized and User-Friendly

We help you develop a personalized experience for your employees. WorkProud is accessible, user-friendly, mobile, and tailored to your brand, needs, and wants.

Clearly Communicated

We help define the purpose of your employee recognition and rewards program. Our experts will assist with setting expectations, engaging the workforce, and sharing goals.

Discover How WorkProud Can Bring Energy & Inspiration to Your Company Culture

WorkProud has been designing successful employee engagement, rewards, and recognition programs for over 20 years. Our experts have helped numerous organizations build a culture of recognition and appreciation igniting energy, inspiration, and pride.

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