Unified Technology Platform

The WorkProud® Technology Platform is a mobile, social, global employee-facing communications portal that creates an alignment between a company’s core values, its goals and objectives with the individual aspirations of every employee.

Configure and Customize Your Employee Experience


WorkProud offers a unique opportunity to leverage configurable technology with the option to customize program elements to meet client-specific needs. Our API services underpin both native mobile and desktop applications while allowing clients the opportunity to deploy customized elements that support unique employee experiences and the individual cultures at each company.

Deep Integrations

Integrating multiple services (i.e. HRIS, Wellness, Training, Onboarding etc) are fundamental in developing an overarching digital approach to the employee experience. While there are a multitude of services, WorkProud alone provides a means to unify multiple offerings to create a unified employee experience via J-SON / SOAP services.

Data Security

Management, maintenance and compliance responsibilities for handling employee data is a key requirement for global companies. WorkProud brings specific expertise, integration options, data management services and hosting solutions to enable clients to create unique employee experiences while complying with the complex data security requirements and responsibilities of global corporations.

Global Rewards

Regardless of geography, budget, or program objectives, WorkProud offers a unique and patented global rewards fulfillment service. This service allows WorkProud customers to customize their reward offerings and include any combination of monetary and non-monetary awards. This may include options such as: Paid Time Off, Payroll, Training and Education, Debit Cards, Retail Gift Cards, Merchandise, Client Branded Items and Charity options. 

WorkProud’s customized award catalogs allow clients to develop unique catalog offerings that enhance the employee experience and align with each company’s values and culture.

Ease of Use

The success of any digital employee experience initiative is significantly influenced by the UI/UX presented. WorkProud has been inspired by the most successful social and mobile consumer applications in its approach to building unique digital experiences, while allowing for customization and configuration to meet individual client branding and experiential needs. 

Cookie-cutter approaches to a successful digital employee experience campaign lack the opportunity for creating memorable and impactful employer brands. WorkProud combines the sophistication of a feature rich platform with a simplified and natural user experience.

Reporting and Analytics

Data visualization is critical for knowing what works (or what doesn’t) with respect to the digital employee experience.

WorkProud’s highly configurable and customizable reporting and data analytics capability is powered by a unique, integrated and interactive data visualization foundation that liberates complex information structures and enables quick and efficient business-level decision-making.

Start Your WorkProud Culture

A workplace culture where employees are proud of their work and proud of their company is essential for achieving an organization’s business objectives. We call this a WorkProud Culture.

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