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Every organization needs human capital management technology and processes that address multiple requirements in the employee lifecycle. However, most of these systems are siloed, deployed in disparate vendor systems and lost in a disjointed mash-up of programs and non-collaborative technologies.

WorkProud takes a different approach. By bringing fragmented human capital programs together through data-driven integrations and processes, companies are able to align programs with their business vision and seamlessly deliver a unified employee experience.

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Performance management is the single most important enabler of company-wide success. Instead of once-a-year performance review events, WorkProud creates a year-round repository of consistent feedback and recognition between managers and employees. This leads to ongoing accountability and measurability, which allows cross-functional teams to collaborate and meet their business objectives.

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An employee’s first encounter with a company is key in setting the tone for a trust-based relationship that creates a successful partnership over time. WorkProud provides all the integration points for onboarding systems to broadcast the successful milestones each employee experiences as they integrate with the team.

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Recognition allows employees to feel that their daily contributions are valued and connected to the overall vision and outcomes of an organization. WorkProud provides a continuous stream of formal and informal recognition that goes a long way in creating a culture of workplace trust, inclusion and pride.

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When employees achieve significant milestones in their relationship with a company, recognizing them provides the non-monetary, emotional and meaningful feedback that empowers and enables continuing success. WorkProud makes it easy to access milestone data from any existing human capital system and displays it transparently thus enabling a culture of appreciation and recognition.

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Every organization is powered by trust. When people overcome silos and refer others for opportunities and interaction, there is a greater likelihood of successful, trust-based relationships. WorkProud creates an environment where referrals are seamlessly made by providing direct links to any systems that require the sourcing of talent and capability in a cross-functional environment.

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Inclusion is the backbone of business success in today’s multicultural, diverse workforce. Organizations that embrace inclusion beyond mere platitudes are producing successful business outcomes. WorkProud provides a recognition and rewards infrastructure that empowers and promotes an inclusive culture of success.

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Since an organization’s people are the core engine driver of all business outcomes, their well-being becomes the core business lever for ensuring engagement and company performance. WorkProud introduces systems, processes and technology that enhances individual and company pride in employees, that helps to reduce stress, increases job satisfaction and provides the launching pad for company-wide success.

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The free and continuous exchange of ideas in a creative, psychologically safe environment is a key requirement for company-wide innovation. WorkProud seamlessly integrates all communication efforts between teams in a transparent manner that improves processes required for creating new products and services, increasing operational efficiency and (ultimately) business profitability.

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WorkProud Wheel - Unified Platform
WorkProud - Performance


There is one universal truth employees and employers can agree on: traditional annual performance reviews just don’t work. Not only do they cause fear and anxiety amongst employees because of their subjective nature, lack of recognition, and ‘too little, too late’ feedback, but they have also been shown to negatively impact organizational productivity, which is a lose-lose game for all parties involved.

WorkProud supports and extends the utility of existing performance management systems by closing some of the gaps they currently have. For example, there is a need to collect and save just-in-time data about the good things employees do year-round, not just the opinion of a manager (once) at the end of the year. There is the need to collect peer recognition throughout the year, as sometimes it is coworkers who can see all the great things employees do in real-time. Finally, there is the need to provide performance-related recognition that is not tied exclusively to compensation. While not replacing a traditional performance management system, WorkProud introduces gamification elements and a consistent reward and recognition paradigm that aligns the employee experience with organizational objectives.


How do companies encourage micro-innovations at the employee level? In a service-driven economy, small innovations and behavior changes can have a profound impact on business outcomes and they are not always generated from the C-Suite. Indeed, as the Japanese Kaizen methodology revolutionized manufacturing by promoting continuous improvement from the CEO down to assembly line workers, there is a need for systems that inspire and share ideas that support both small and large innovations at all levels of an organization.

WorkProud provides an environment where employees can repeatedly share, recognize, and appreciate both ‘big’ and ‘small’ innovations contributed throughout the workforce. As the saying goes, “we are what we repeatedly do.” By communicating, capturing and celebrating innovations at all times and from all levels of an organization, WorkProud inspires and brings to reality a collaborative learning and innovation culture that leads to organizational success.

WorkProud - Innovation
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WorkProud - Well-Being


Companies run employee wellness programs to help keep employees healthy and engaged while reducing the overall cost of employee healthcare. However, the incentives for these programs are often delivered through disparate, disconnected systems, sometimes with questionable or non-existent returns on investment. They also fail to promote and celebrate the intrinsic, non-monetary achievements of individuals and teams as they reach milestones on their journey to well-being.

WorkProud consolidates and aggregates data from wellness systems to deliver one cohesive dashboard and unified incentive platform that is made available company-wide. By promoting a culture where wellbeing is recognized through a simple, familiar WorkProud interface, companies are able to engage their employees on behaviors that reduce healthcare costs and absenteeism, while improving their quality of life.


Inclusion is not enabled through training programs or employment policies alone. Diversity, inclusion and equity challenges are solved by going beyond lip service to demonstrate to employees through actions that demonstrate workplace culture is inclusive. This means not only bringing people together from diverse backgrounds but also, empowering them with tools that springboard and celebrate the rich diversity of thoughts, behaviors and perspectives that create a whole and functional organization. 

WorkProud provides the recognition backbone where diversity, inclusion and equity can be implemented and celebrated. As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” WorkProud is a destination where leaders and employees can share narratives from their diverse and inclusive teams in a familiar, social feed of ongoing success stories.

WorkProud - Inclusion
WorkProud - Referrals


The ‘hidden job market’ is a reality that job seekers and employers alike must contend with. At the end of the day, most key hires originate from within (where trust is high) because introductions are driven by referrals. However, far too many companies fail to maximize the potential of internal referrals because of a tendency to focus exclusively on financial incentives to produce great introductions. If the goal is to incentivize employees to refer others, then intangibles—such as how existing employees feel about their company—become critical. The desirability of a company’s culture is truly what galvanizes employees to introduce other high-quality candidates. 

A consistent culture of recognition helps to open conversations around referrals at the right time and in the right parts of the organization. With WorkProud, each recognition submitted is an opportunity to invite referrals from employees who feel well recognized. Employees submit referrals not only for the financial incentive but also as a result of the pride they have in their company.


Traditional milestone recognition and award programs have a number of limitations. They are infrequent, they don’t contribute to business results and they lack impact. Most of these programs recognize employees once every five years, whereas the majority of unwanted turnover occurs in the first three years, and the average employee tenure is just over four years according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Recognizing tenure is important, however to be effective, it needs to be easily accessible, ‘just-in-time’ and delivered at least once a year and more frequently in the first year. WorkProud supports public recognition at important moments with a combination of monetary (symbolic) awards and non-monetary (social) elements. WorkProud milestone programs publicly acknowledge and celebrate tenure—among peers and within teams—and align their messaging with a company’s business objectives.

WorkProud - Milestones
WorkProud - Recognition
Solutions - Recognition


Far too many companies treat employee recognition like a ‘tick-the-box’ strategy. They will install a program, announce it once and the job is done! Unfortunately, in practice, if employee recognition systems are not delivered in a way that is highly personalized, sincere, and consistent, then they will fail to achieve the intended results with employees. Inherently, employee recognition targets human and emotional goals and, as such, must be tailored and implemented with care to effectively launch and maintain a culture of high performance. 

WorkProud sets the tone for a culture of recognition by providing a system that involves all stakeholders from all levels of an organization. The end result of a WorkProud implementation is singular, targeted and focused. We help create inspired workplace cultures where you can feel proud of your work and proud of your company.


How do you onboard people in a positive way, especially when flexible work arrangements result in geographically disparate, remote teams? Certainly, the importance of the ‘first impression’ of onboarding can’t be understated. In order to make sure new employees are appropriately introduced to the team, systems are needed that broadcast and share this important first event to the people that matter most – the new hire’s peers and team leadership.

WorkProud enhances traditional onboarding approaches by making it easy to inject recognition and rewards into the onboarding experience. WorkProud automates the process of onboarding notifications, creates an opportunity for an onboarding gift—customized per client—to be selected by the employee and encourages co-workers to interact with new employees. This results in a consequential, valued first impression and an ideal onboarding experience.

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