New Program Brings People Together Despite the Pandemic

Challenges and Objectives

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, employees at Jersey City Medical Center (JCMC) have had to work in teams under strict guidelines regarding personal proximity and the number of people in enclosed spaces. As such, it was extremely important to support healthcare workers at all times, keep them engaged, and reinforce correct safety behaviors. Unfortunately, the ‘Employee of the Month’ program JCMC had at the time did not allow them to achieve those goals. With recognition being given by managers only once a month, employees were not encouraged to give their best every single day.




Primary Target:
Workplace Safety

Solutions Provided by WorkProud

The program designed by WorkProud—named ‘Recognizing You’—allowed managers to keep up with staff achievements on a regular, more frequent basis. The new program allowed managers to check stats every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They could see who was recognized, receive notifications, and give kudos to employees within their department or other facilities across the system. The program also featured peer-to-peer recognition and a point-based prize catalog.

iOS and Android App

Service Awards

Manager Awards

Peer Recognition

" 'Great Job' or 'Happy Anniversary' means a lot and goes a long way.”

“The majority of employees don’t have points. Still, a “thumbs up,” or “great job,” or “happy anniversary,” or “so good you’re part of the system” means a lot and goes a long way – we have a very good response rate for our employees who participate. And most recently I’ve requested the company to give me a report on the prizes that employees have demanded. And there are pages and pages on a spreadsheet of prizes! So the employees are engaged. They are looking forward to it. They’re giving thumbs up to their coworkers!”

– Mary Cataudella, Vice President Human Resources at Jersey City Medical Center

The Results

The combination of monetary and non-monetary recognition awards paired with a fundamentally new communication system in the workplace allowed Jersey City Medical Center to achieve its top human capital management objectives: 

  • Recognize and award employee excellence on a daily basis
  • Reinforce compliance with new rules of safety behaviors
  • Overcome the growing sense of isolation among workers
  • Remind people about the importance of their work contributions within the context of organizational results.

What JCMC Learned

WorkProud introduced a modern recognition program that resonated much better with employees. With a mobile-first technology, teams of any size became more connected regardless of work location. People appreciated when coworkers and management recognized their efforts privately or in public. When communicated at the right moment, even simple words such as “Thank you” and “Great job” can do wonders for company culture. 

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