UPCOMING WEBINAR (11/17) | A Personal Definition of Success


Why Pride? Harnessing the Inspiring Power of Pride to Motivate and Engage

Meet Dr. Jessica Tracy – Professor of Psychology at the University of British Columbia, a Sauder Distinguished Scholar and an Associate Editor at Affective Science.

Dr. Tracy is the author of the book Take Pride, where she reveals how our most misunderstood emotion—pride—has shaped our minds and our culture, and shows how we can harness its power to inspire, motivate and engage.

Pride is a major component of the employee experience and can be associated with tapping into emotions such as: Inspiration, Accomplishment, Ambition, Teamwork and Purpose.

Jessica enlightens us about how Pride can be harnessed and used in a mutually positive employee / employee relationship.

Please join us for this webinar. Attendees will learn about:

  • Pride psychology
  • Pride in the workplace
  • Influence of Pride on the individual and the Company
  • How Pride can be used to influence business outcomes

At WorkProud, we leverage technology to:

  1. Increase the quantity & quality of recognition.
  2. Drive accountability to show leaders appreciation of its workforce.
  3. Measure recognition and its effects.

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