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At WorkProud, we are in the business of helping our clients build great company cultures. So what’s a great company culture? According to Michael Levy, the CEO of WorkProud, “A great company culture is a culture where employees come to work each day and want to give their best. And one of the ways to do that is to inspire people to be proud of the work they do and proud of the company.”

In this short video Michael Levy, CEO of WorkProud, talks about the following:

  • An overview of the history of WorkProud.
  • The impact of WorkProud programs.
  • Other ways we help our clients transform their company culture.

Our approach to building a positive company culture

Why did we get into this business, and how did we form our approach and view?

Oprah Winfrey’s speech at Harvard in 2013 best illustrates that. She described how she interviewed presidents, firefighters, housewives, and Beyonce, and at the end of every interview, there’s a common theme: the guest puts down the microphone, looks at Oprah, and says, “How did I do?”

Oprah comments, “Why do people do that? Even if you’re the president, even if you’re an entertainer of Beyonce’s status? It’s because ultimately people want affirmation, they want to know that what they do matters, and they want to know that people see and notice that.”

Recognition is a key enabler for that. So we help our clients with recognition tools and technology, sharing best practices and expertise, and building reward programs that help create cultures where employees want to give their best.

How we help build the culture of workplace pride

Clients will often ask, at some point in the process, “How are you different? We talk to recognition companies, and they all tell us the same thing – buy our rewards, put our program in place, and fix those things.”

We like to set ourselves apart in three fundamental areas:

  1. Unlike our competitors, we focus on the value of recognition. Recognition itself doesn’t have a monetary cost attached to it, and furthermore, it can have a much deeper, more emotional meaning if done right. So let’s focus on and emphasize the value of recognition and not get distracted by the monetary aspects of compensation.
  2. We don’t sell a cookie-cutter approach to how recognition should be done. We like to modify the programs and adapt to the needs of each particular client because no company is the same. They have their histories. They have their legacy. We want to meet a client where they currently are and help them grow and evolve their recognition practices.
  3. We regard our clients as our investors. We’re committed to the success of their programs. In fact, over 18 years in business, we have a 96 client retention rate, with many of our customers extending their contracts and relationships for 10-12 years.

How does the WorkProud app fit in?

The WorkProud mobile app is a communications and employee engagement service that allows companies to combine all their workplace programs in one place, delivering a unified employee experience. The result is a ‘WorkProud Culture,’ where employees feel proud at work.

For managers, the WorkProud app provides a toolset for consistent, individualized team rewards and recognition. They can interact with team members anywhere in the world and provide monetary or non-monetary awards for building and promoting a positive company culture.

Senior or executive leaders can reach within the organization and interact with employees through appreciation and feedback regarding their work contributions. In addition, leaders get visibility into real-time data and analytics about the employee experience and pulse of the organization.

How can WorkProud help your organization?

So if you’re interested in creating a great company culture where employees can be recognized and appreciated for their contributions and feel proud of the business as a whole, we’d love to share with you some best practices and examples of work that we’ve done.

We think the WorkProud methodology is a viable approach to answering a question of making employees proud of the work that they do and proud of the company.

Thanks for your time and attention!



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WorkProud is committed to helping its clients create a unified approach to the employee experience by helping them build cultures of workplace pride. Trusted by millions of users at some of the world’s most recognized employer brands, WorkProud delivers a comprehensive approach to building company cultures that inspire people to be Proud of their Work and Proud of their Company.

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