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How to Select the Best Vendor to Increase Workplace Pride

How to Select the Best Vendor to Increase Workplace Pride

Workplace pride is at the heart of employee engagement and satisfaction. As you take the next step in selecting an external vendor to increase organizational pride, you need to follow a set of requirements that are very specific to strengthening employee engagement, which likely differs from your usual vendor relationship checklists and processes.

As an executive leader or procurement decision-maker, you are used to a playbook of requirements that guide you through the vendor selection process. And while that playbook is valuable and has served you well, it may not align with what you need to make a decision around employee loyalty and workplace pride for the simple reason that you are not the primary audience in this case: your employees are. 

For empowerment in the workplace to be successful, your employees must be at the heart of your decision-making and vendor selection process. This means that your employees should be involved even before an external partner has been selected. Not only does this show your deep respect for employees and their opinions, but it also allows you to increase your confidence that your partner is going to be an effective resource and provide a software platform your employees will be excited about using. Not involving employees in selection decisions will increase the risk that the initiative won’t be adopted.

Key factors in selecting a vendor to increase workplace pride

How to Select the Best Vendor to Increase Workplace Pride

As you involve your primary users—i.e., your employee base—in the decision-making process for an eventual workplace pride platform, pay close attention to getting answers for the following key questions:

Did your employees react positively to the vendor’s offering and software tools? 

At the simplest level, if the reaction was either negative or didn’t produce energy and excitement around employee empowerment, you should hit the pause button. You want to make sure that your employees are attracted to a vendor’s core brand and product positioning, and that they are impressed by the tool they will eventually be using. Will this tool actually create employee and team engagement? The answer has to be ‘yes’, otherwise, any investment you make here could be a loss.

Does the vendor’s software solution integrate with your digital ecosystem? 

You know as well as anyone that introducing a new software tool to an already big set of tools runs the risk that adoption won’t happen. You absolutely want to have a tool that is both secure and integrates seamlessly with your existing operational and communications tools. Is the software platform able to integrate with your email client? How can data be transferred or stored safely yet easily within existing employee software platforms? If a vendor is offering a tool that doesn’t play well with your existing tools, you’ll want to think very seriously as to whether this is the right tool to increase employee engagement. 

Will the vendor work closely with you to prioritize successful results (versus just signing you on as a new client)? 

There is always the risk that as soon as you get the keys to your shiny new tool, you’ll be left in the dark with little guidance or support. Learning that technology support and client success aren’t included in your package after you’ve signed can be extremely frustrating and disappointing—especially when you’re just getting something off the ground. Get the fine details as to how or whether your vendor will work closely with you to optimize and adjust your strategy after launch. Understand how your vendor will support your employees directly whenever they are having issues. This support is key to ensuring that your employees engage and continue to engage with a vendor’s technology and services. If they get frustrated and give up, that is a major opportunity lost.

If you can get satisfactory answers from the above three questions, you are well on your way to making a confident decision that will empower employees and increase workplace pride. WorkProud is a trusted and reputable solutions provider for creating an inspired culture of workplace pride.  WorkProud works hand-in-hand with you to reach success and adjust as needed. 

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