Recognition Programs Boost Employee Engagement, WorkProud Study Shows

Report explores how New Program Boosts Engagement at Gables Residential

DALLAS, TEXASNovember 24, 2020WHAPPS LLC, a recognized leader in the design and development of innovative employee recognition programs, announces a new study with Gables Residential, a private apartment management organization that oversees approximately 35,000 apartment homes and more than 60 apartment communities with around 17,000 units, in addition to managing properties for third parties.

Engaged employees lead to improved sales and a better customer experience. Disengaged employees cost companies between $450 and $550 billion a year. A report by Gallup, published in 2017, found that highly engaged businesses reported a 17 per cent increase in productivity and a 41 per cent reduction in absenteeism.

A WorkProud study with longtime client, Gables Residential was featured in WorkSpan Magazine and reveals there is significant evidence that suitably designed associate reward and recognition programs deliver quantifiable results and benefits. New change management technology makes participation and administration easier than ever to integrate into the entire company culture. Companies with higher associate engagement scores have a multitude of benefits, including lower turnover, higher profitability, increased customer acquisition, retention rates, and more.

Philip Altschuler, Gables’ Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Learning & Development says, “Although it’s difficult to specifically quantify, the biggest factor has been the culture shift from “managers looking for what’s wrong” to a focus on “looking for opportunities to recognize and reward positive contributions” and helping build a culture of appreciation (and engagement) where associates can be proud of their work and proud of working at Gables.”

Like most other companies, due to COVID-19, Gables Residential closed their corporate offices and moved to a work-from-home scenario, requiring a transition to virtual leasing. Since the program was already online and allowed instant recognition, they saw engagement and participation in the program increase during this pandemic timeframe.

CEO Michael Levy, who leads both Online Rewards and WorkProud has achieved, 13 consecutive years on the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies list and is a leading provider of workplace culture and people success solutions who believe employees are a company’s greatest asset. Michael says, “At the heart of any business or leadership effort is one phrase: behavior change. Whether the interactions involve employees, or business-to-business partners, or customers, the end goal is to make it easier for others to perform at their best by helping them feel appreciated, validated, and seen.”

The study revealed that on Gables Residential original program, only 140 associates were recognized one time per year. Now they are seeing in excess of 11,000 recognitions per year. 95% of Gables associates participate in the program and provided documented and consistent increases in associate engagement scores and positive comments (per OfficeVibe metrics) and there was an overall increased productivity (per WorkDay metrics).

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