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Quantifying the Link Between Recognition and Turnover

HR Leadership have often struggled to justify the budget and resources to support recognition investments. While the general C-Suite consensus supports recognition as a strategically valuable IDEA – HR leadership is often hamstrung in its ability to obtain the necessary financial support due to an absence of quantifiable business outcomes and corresponding financial returns.

In this groundbreaking study by Rick Garlick (Ph.D.), HR will be empowered with evidence to help make the business case for why investments in employee recognition are consequential and what types of returns can be generated – especially during periods of high voluntary turnover.

In this webinar Dr. Garlick – with support by Zach Lipner (BSILR, MA and SPHR) shared insights and learning from the study covering:

  • How the research was conducted and how to apply it.
  • Results correlating employee turnover and recognition activities.

Cause and effect between turnover and recognition:

  • Business modeling and financial impacts.
  • Strategies for engaging the C-Suite to justify investments in employee recognition.

At WorkProud, we leverage technology to:

  1. Increase the quantity & quality of recognition.
  2. Drive accountability to show leaders appreciation of its workforce.
  3. Measure recognition and its effects.

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