UPCOMING WEBINAR (11/17) | A Personal Definition of Success


Proactive Strategies for Retaining Your Employees

Stop playing defense and create a stronger offensive in driving your employee retention strategy! Join Dr. Bob Nelson, the world’s leading authority on employee recognition, engagement and retention and Dr. Rick Garlick, a leading employee engagement researcher & consultant, in this live presentation as they discuss how companies can be more proactive about retaining staff during the current market challenges.

If you’re a good employer, you know the frustration of training & developing talent only to have them poached by other companies—your competition or other firms in your geographical area. Build a stronger connection with your employees so they don’t have an interest in leaving—even for more money. Align individual aspirations of your employees with your company’s mission and create an ongoing conversation with each employee about their future with the company: What they’re learning, what they’d like to do next, and what they need to prepare for future opportunities.

Topics covered will include:

  • Update on The Great Resignation
  • Why People Are Quitting Their Jobs
  • Retention Case Study: Hartford Hospital
  • Create an Employee Motivation Baseline
  • The Role of the Manager in Retaining Employees
  • Start with Behaviors: Low & No-Cost Strategies
  • Benefits of Creating a Culture of Recognition

At WorkProud, we leverage technology to:

  1. Increase the quantity & quality of recognition.
  2. Drive accountability to show leaders appreciation of its workforce.
  3. Measure recognition and its effects.

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