Employee Recognition: The Recipe for a Winning Culture

Employee Recognition: The Recipe for a Winning Culture

McKinsey’s research shows that winning cultures emerge from carefully selecting the right “recipes” that, when applied together, create a superior organizational performance. 

Organizations thrive through a sense of belonging and shared purpose, which can get lost on employees who are working remotely. Remote workers can easily feel isolated, disenfranchised, and unhappy because their organization did not build a model that cares for both virtual and in-person employees. 

One key ingredient to stop this from happening is employee recognition. Once thought to be a fad, leaders are realizing that it is a must-have for organizations that value employee engagement and retention. Taking it a step further, employees who feel valued positively impact the bottom line via increased employee productivity and superior customer service.

According to Psychometrics, when asked what leaders could do more to improve engagement, 58% of respondents replied, “Give recognition”. However, studies show that only 14% of organizations provide managers with the necessary tools for rewards and recognition.  

Needless to say, this absence of recognition takes on heightened meaning in today’s workplace – where many remote workers have lost their sense of belonging and shared purpose. On the contrary, now is the time to assess your recognition program to ensure it stands up to today’s realities: online, global, exciting, wide-ranging, and easy-to-use.    

If you are looking for a solution that meets all of these requirements and more, I encourage you to check out WorkProud. Its smart technology aligns your core values, goals, and objectives with the aspirations of your employees, so they remain engaged, loyal, and proud. Priceless.



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