Employee Recognition Programs: 5 Ways to Propel 81% of Your Employees to Work Harder

A driven team member can start out with the intention of putting their best foot forward and becoming an invaluable part of a business, but we all know how things can change.

Motivation accounts for 40% of the productivity of the workplace, yet managers and CEOs alike have difficulty encouraging employees to feel more motivated and grow beyond their starting points.

When employees are less productive, business results suffer. When business results suffer, so too does the workplace environment. If you’re relating already, you may know this feeling all too well.

There’s a direct relationship between motivation and employee recognition programs. In fact, studies show 81% of employees work harder when they feel appreciated. Yet, most companies don’t have a solid recognition system in place, meaning most bosses and managers lack the ability to show real appreciation for their employees.

Studies show 81% of employees work harder when they feel appreciated
Employee Rewards Program

It isn’t just surveys and studies, CEOs of some of the largest companies in the world have taken notice, including David Novak, CEO, of Yum! Brands who said, “How can the workforce be disengaged? It’s because there is a tremendous lack of recognition in the world today, or what I call the global recognition deficit, and there are statistics to prove it.”

The moment you begin recognizing employee recognition and appreciation as a strategy and asset  rather than an expense, it becomes instantly easier and affordable to incorporate into your business plan. However, simply implementing something isn’t necessarily better than nothing. That something needs to be built with recognizing your employees in mind to have the most direct and significant positive impact on your business.

With that all in mind, we offer a few factors and techniques to utilize as you endeavor to solve your motivation and recognition deficit issue through employee recognition programs and appreciation:

  1. Enough with the excuses. Managers and CEOs: You’re busy. We get it. But even if you revel in the fact your day is packed and in turn use it as an excuse not to have to spend time improving communication with and appreciating your employees, you risk dramatically stifling your own growth. The good news is: Appreciation doesn’t need to be a time-consuming effort–truly–a simple smile and “great job last week on that proposal” are worth a lot more to your staff than you may believe.
  2. Stop thinking appreciation isn’t important. In an article on Inc.com, the author describes an appreciation-free workplace as a toxic environment – and for good reason. “Take the lead on creating a culture of appreciation–regardless of whether or not it’s supported by those around you. If not, that a narrow mindset will ‘force employees to live in a thankless community, wishing that things could be better.’”
  3. Recognition doesn’t even (necessarily) need to be individualized (and sometimes, it shouldn’t!). Run a large company? Chances are there is a fairly decent sized gap between you and those who truly matter in your business: your frontline, groundlevel people.They likely quite often feel like an unimportant cog in the machine, while the reality is that by definition they are the exact opposite! Simply providing a lunch or checking in for a minute or two on a semi-regular basis can have a huge impact on morale.
  4. Plan one-on-one informal meetings. Yearly reviews: We all despise them, reviewer and reviewee alike. BUT–meeting with your employees one-on-one to discuss their achievements and find out what more you can do to support them will never be a useless task. It doesn’t always need to be planned in advance. Provide constructive feedback and leave the negative for another, more structured time. Focus on and commit to building a culture of  recognition and appreciation (it really does start with you!).

Last but not least: Make use of technology. The world of Employee Recognition Programs has grown exponentially over the last decade and become an essential tool for fostering a Culture of Recognition and Appreciation.  These technology platforms are cost-effective, use AI to keep track of records, and provide endless reward options for staff to choose from when they achieve their work-related milestones

Take the lead on creating a culture of appreciation–regardless of whether or not it’s supported by those around you.Employee Recognition

So, to learn more about how you can reignite  over 80% of your employees’ passion for their work and your company, reach out for a conversation today!



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