Join Working with People host Harrison Kim and WorkProud CEO Michael Levy—as they discuss the importance of employee recognition and giving thanks. Discover how companies use reward programs to motivate and influence behaviors while also showing appreciation and incentivizing their employees. 

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Working with People – Episode #34: The importance of employee recognition



Thoughts from the podcast:

From a young age, we all seek recognition. The act of showing appreciation can trigger a sense of pride. From the workplace perspective, creating a culture of appreciation can be beneficial, especially if taken seriously by leadership.

Employees want to be recognized for their work. Yet, their managers do not have the time nor energy to recognize them more frequently. So, why doesn’t corporate treat recognition more seriously?

In the past, the idea of nurturing employees’ emotions has not been a priority. With new advances in HR systems, there is a newfound hope for employees to be recognized for their contributions. A part of HR’s growth is finding the proper tools and training to show that their employees are appreciated.

Find out how your company can succeed when your HR improves the business’s productivity by creating positive experiences where employees are proud of the work they do and of their company in totality.

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