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How Workplace Pride Drives Business Value For Your Company

Employee engagement has been defined and redefined over the past few decades. For all the efforts made on the topic, it continues to be elusive for businesses since, according to The Gallup Organization, only about 1/3 of employees are currently “engaged” in their jobs, a percentage that has not significantly changed over the past 20+ years.

However, there is hope. Strong neuroscience evidence and new research from Dr. Rick Garlick and Dr. Bob Nelson suggest that there is no greater motivator than the feeling of PRIDE one has in their work and in the company for whom they work.

In this learning event, you will meet the researchers and discover what The WorkProud Study revealed:

  • How pride in one’s work is a strong predictor of job satisfaction, attendance, and discretionary effort.
  • How pride in one’s company is a strong predictor of retention and advocacy.
  • How facilitating pride through effective recognition strategies is the key to driving important employee outcomes.



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