We Can Be Great: How the Right Recognition Tool Can Promote D&I

We Can Be Great: How the Right Recognition Tool Can Promote D&I

Work as we know it has changed – forever. And from the looks of it, one must quickly learn how to adapt to and embrace change because it is the only constant. From volatile global presidential elections, the COVID-19 pandemic, to the role the tech industry plays in our lives, change is happening at a rapid pace.

One area that – arguably – has changed more than any other in the recent year is diversity and inclusion (D&I). The ensuing racial protests occurring around the country put a spotlight on D&I like never before. And in my opinion, it’s long overdue, as the benefits for organizations are enormous. Companies that recognize the importance of D&I – and make improvements – also enjoy numerous competitive advantages:

  • Organizations with above-average diverse management report 19 percent higher innovation revenues and a McKinsey report shows that ethnically-diverse executive teams outperform their peers by 33%.
  • Additionally, 67% of job seekers check for workplace diversity when evaluating companies. So, a lower staff turnover rate and a chance to employ the best and brightest talent are also in the cards for companies that embrace D&I.

However, simply hiring people from different backgrounds will not magically transform the workforce into a winning one. Companies also need to practice workplace inclusivity.

Inclusion Reinforces Diversity

Inclusivity, defined as providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, is necessary for an organization to be diverse. Diversity and inclusion go hand in hand. In fact, in a Deloitte survey, studies show that between 72%-80% of workers will leave their jobs if they cannot:

  • Comfortably be themselves or speak up.
  • Experience daily inclusive interactions.
  • Find a sense of purpose or feel they impact an organization’s success.

Recognition Reinforces Inclusivity

Additionally, employee recognition can help build and sustain an inclusive workplace culture. When you have an intuitive recognition system accessible to all employees, employees can use it to celebrate the diverse contributions and perspectives in the organization.

Your recognition system should enable employees to recognize one another for role modeling D&I actions. This is a powerful way to send a message that D&I is much more than lip service or a plaque on the wall; it’s how we do things here. It’s our culture.

Next Steps

A well-designed and easy-to-use recognition program is instrumental in building an invincible and talented team, who embraces D&I. One of the easiest ways to begin is to ensure that D&I is one of your organization’s values. You can then build a recognition program that centers around employees recognizing one another for living or role modeling the values, which will help to further embed them into your organization’s culture.

Another way to reward employees? Install the best recognition platform in the marketplace, so employees can quickly and easily acknowledge their peers, colleagues, and leaders. Employee recognition is crucial to engagement and inclusivity, so it’s important that you leverage the best app. WorkProud not only understands this, but they wrote the book in this space. They can help you build a world-class recognition platform and culture, which will help push your D&I efforts forward, so what are you waiting for? Schedule a demo today and prepare to be amazed.



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