HR Evolution 2024: AI Integration & Skill Development in the Age of Automation | Webinar Replay

As the world embraces the rapid advancements in AI capabilities, the pivotal question persists: ‘How Can HR Professionals Successfully Use AI?’ Dive into our comprehensive webinar, where we explore the vast potential of Generative AI tools like ChatGPT, discussing their capabilities and ethical considerations. Learn to leverage AI as a catalyst for creativity and heightened productivity while maintaining industry standards. Gain invaluable insights into prompt engineering and implementing guardrails to optimize AI benefits while mitigating risks. Be part of the solution-driven discussion to maximize AI’s potential in HR!


  • Exploring the Capabilities & Ethical Considerations of Generative AI (Tools like ChatGPT)
  • Utilizing AI to Enhance Creativity & Increase Productivity While Upholding Standards
  • Insights into Prompt Engineering & Implementing Guardrails
  • Strategies to Maximize Benefits & Minimize Risks
  • Q&A Session for Your Submitted Questions


WorkProud, which helps companies craft an inspired workplace culture through communication, recognition and rewards, presents a monthly webinar featuring experts on workplace issues from around the country. It’s always free, and there’s usually a great giveaway just for tuning in. Watch for details about upcoming sessions in our monthly newsletter. If you don’t already subscribe, sign up here.

At WorkProud, we leverage technology to:

  1. Increase the quantity & quality of recognition.
  2. Drive accountability to show leaders appreciation of its workforce.
  3. Measure recognition and its effects.



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