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The Comedy Connection:

Prominent HR Leader Explores Humor's Impact on Culture

Jim Dunn, PhD, DHA, FACHE

with Jim Dunn,

Humor is very rarely linked to professional topics because of its general bad rep with professionalism. But how much power does humor have? Join us for an exciting session featuring an expert with over 30 years of strategic HR and leadership experience, Jim Dunn, PhD. We will discuss his new book, which reveals how humor can be a game-changer in workplace culture, enhancing professional environments, and personal development.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Dr. Dunn’s hilarious real-life stories and the latest research. Register now and get ready to lead with laughter!


  • How humor acts as a superpower to foster collaborative environments.
  • The surprising effectiveness of funny employees.
  • Ways laughter can turn crisis into opportunities for connection.
  • The impact of a culture of levity on team dynamics and job satisfaction.
  • How strategic humor supports better leadership and stronger teams.

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*All attendees submitting questions before or during this webinar will receive a complimentary copy of "101 Lessons in Leading with Laughter: Research & Real Stories of Humor at Work" by Jim Dunn

“[This book] brilliantly showcases how humor can revolutionize the dynamics of any workplace... A must-read for anyone seeking to cultivate a positive, vibrant work environment and become a better, more human-centered leader.” — Kathi Enderes, SVP, The Josh Bersin Company
*Please note that WorkProud only ships books to locations within the United States.

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About the Hosts

Jim Dunn, PhD, DHA, FACHE

Jim Dunn


Jim Dunn is a senior, strategic executive leader and an innovative problem solver with a remarkable track record of driving positive outcomes in human resources operations and organizational development. Recognized as one of Savoy Magazine’s 100 Most Influential African-Americans in Corporate America in 2018 and 2020, Jim continues to lead and contribute to the field of human resources as the President & CEO at LD Human Capital Consulting, a contributing writer for Newsweek Expert Forum and Forbes Human Resources Council, and a member of the CNBC Workforce Executive Council.
Michael Levy, CEO WorkProud®

Michael Levy

CEO, WorkProud®

As CEO of WorkProud, Michael Levy has helped Fortune 1000 companies improve their employee engagement scores through the design and development of award-winning employee engagement and recognition programs. He is a frequent speaker at HR industry events and has contributed content on the topic of employee engagement to HR Magazine, CNBC, and elsewhere. Beyond a sense of humor and a very, very Southern accent (think kangaroos), Michael brings a unique and refreshing perspective to driving employee engagement with knowledge and expertise gathered across a decade of building employee engagement programs.

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