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Groundbreaking Research Released

Quantifying the Link Between Recognition and Turnover

Rick Garlick and Zach Lipner

Presented by
Rick Garlick, Ph.D. and
Zach Lipner, BSILR, MA, SPHR

SPACE IS LIMITED | All registered attendees will be provided with a copy of the white paper - The Monetary Impact of Employee Recognition on Retention.

HR Leadership have often struggled to justify the budget and resources to support recognition investments. While the general C-Suite consensus supports recognition as a strategically valuable IDEA – HR leadership is often hamstrung in its ability to obtain the necessary financial support due to an absence of quantifiable business outcomes and corresponding financial returns.

In this groundbreaking study by Rick Garlick (Ph.D.), HR will be empowered with evidence to help make the business case for why investments in employee recognition are consequential and what types of returns can be generated – especially during periods of high voluntary turnover.

In this webinar Dr. Garlick – with support by Zach Lipner (BSILR, MA and SPHR) will share insights and learning from the study covering:

  • How the research was conducted and how to apply it.
  • Results correlating employee turnover and recognition activities.

Cause and effect between turnover and recognition:

  • Business modeling and financial impacts.
  • Strategies for engaging the C-Suite to justify investments in employee recognition.

Participation will be limited to 100 attendees, so sign up today to reserve your spot!


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12 pm CST (1 pm EST)

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About the Hosts

Dr. Rick Garlick

Rick Garlick, Ph.D.

Dr. Garlick has published numerous articles in industry and academic journals. He has also appeared on such national media outlets as MSNBC, CNBC, CNNfn, Bloomberg Television, and National Public Radio, as well as being quoted in a number of national publications. Dr. Garlick has served as chair of the Research Committee for the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association (HSMAI) Foundation Board and Meeting Professionals International (MPI).

Zach Lipner

Zach Lipner, BSILR, MA, SPHR

Zach Lipner is the former Chief Human Resources Officer at Newark Beth Israel Medical, the tallest affiliate in the RWJBarnabas Health system in New Jersey. He holds a BS in Industrial and Labor Relations for Cornell University and a Master of Arts from Montclair State University. Zach began his healthcare career as Director of Food & Nutrition Services for ARAMARK. Until his recent retirement, he had been at Newark Beth Israel since 1987, serving various operational management roles. For the last 19 years, he has led the human resource practice in that hospital.


Michael Levy, CEO WorkProud®

Michael Levy

CEO, WorkProud®

As CEO of WorkProud, Michael Levy has helped Fortune 1000 companies improve their employee engagement scores through the design and development of award-winning employee engagement and recognition programs. He is a frequent speaker at HR industry events and has contributed content on the topic of employee engagement to HR Magazine, CNBC, and elsewhere. Beyond a sense of humor and a very, very Southern accent (think kangaroos), Michael brings a unique and refreshing perspective to driving employee engagement with knowledge and expertise gathered across a decade of building employee engagement programs.

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