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Chatting WorkProud on the Profitable Happiness Podcast with Dr. Pelè

WorkProud is honored to have CEO, Michael Levy featured as a guest on Dr. Pelè’s “Profitable Happiness” podcast this week. Amongst bright smiles and a humorous discussion, Michael and Dr. Pelè chatted about the important role that technology plays in recognition, how to effectively inspire and celebrate individual contributions, and how to thrive in a ‘People’ Economy.

Watch a brief clip below. The full interview can be found here.

The Profitable Happiness™ Podcast features stories from highly successful CEOs, Business Leaders, and Experts who exemplify the use of Inspirational Leadership, Employee Happiness, and Harmonious Teams to build business profitability.



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WorkProud is committed to helping its clients create a unified approach to the employee experience by helping them build cultures of workplace pride. Trusted by millions of users at some of the world’s most recognized employer brands, WorkProud delivers a comprehensive approach to building company cultures that inspire people to be Proud of their Work and Proud of their Company.

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