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WorkProud® CEO, Michael Levy, Interviews Bob Nelson, Ph.D.

WorkProud’s CEO, Michael Levy, chats with Dr. Bob Nelson, best selling author and expert on effective and meaningful employee engagement and recognition.

Key Takeaways:

  • The need for employee engagement and recognition in the workplace is clear.
  • Recognition is the number one driver of engagement.
  • Providing work and pay is not enough.
  • People are looking for a sense of community, purpose, and fun.
  • Recognition makes people feel valued and connected to their manager, team, and company goals.
  • It’s guaranteed: what you recognize gets repeated.
  • If recognition is at the bottom of your priority list, it is the best opportunity for improvement.

Watch the full interview below.

Dr. Bob Nelson is the leading authority on employee recognition and engagement, a multi-million copy best-selling author of books on those topics (eg, 1,001 Ways to Engage Employees, 1,501 Ways to Reward Employees, and his most recent book: Work Made Fun Gets Done! Easy Ways to Boost Energy, Morale, and Results), and president of Nelson Motivation Inc. in San Diego. He has served as an HR Strategist for 80 percent of the Fortune 500 companies and is an affiliate partner of WorkProud.  

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