Watch this brief clip to hear Christi Gilhoi (Senior Manager of Employee Engagement at Qualcomm) speak to how Qualcomm developed a comprehensive technology and change management strategy to embed recognition into the culture of their organization.



You will hear how they undertook a systematic evaluation of needs, opportunities and challenges that led to the creation of a recognition software platform and mobile app called ThankQ that increased flexibility and choice in the recognition of employees at all levels, work processes and locations–from employees to senior leaders and subsequently rolled that initiative out worldwide during the recent pandemic.

The full on-demand webinar can be found here.

Watch the full webinar for insights on what it takes to build and roll out a successful employee recognition program at a leading global technology company. Learn about the impact ThankQ has had on Qualcomm’s global initiative to raise awareness for gratitude and cultural change; to build a workforce that feels a sense of purpose, loyalty, and pride.