New version, new features!

We’re celebrating a major release for WorkProud! In addition to further stability improvements, this version launches the following features.

The WorkProud team is excited to share the latest release of WorkProud, version 0.103.32!

This version includes several new features and many stability improvements for both iOS and Android.

Event Posts

Events have always been a great way to keep up with your company calendar and your colleagues’ important milestones, like work anniversaries and birthdays. We’ve made events more interactive by linking them directly to a post in your timeline. With event posts, everyone can like and comment on a post that’s already been created. We think that having all the likes and comments in one post makes milestones even more special and memorable for the recipient and makes it easier for colleagues to celebrate each other.

You can customize the content of each of your company’s event posts to reflect your culture and people. No more dry, boring company calendars!

Profile Improvements

Profiles have been improved in two notable ways.

Badges are now displayed on everyone’s profile. Badges are evidence of your exceptional achievements. We think that being able to see all of these achievements directly on your Profile is a powerful representation of the great value you provide to your team and your company. Keep earning those badges and take pride in your own professional trophy case!

We’ve also made “Spendable” and “Awardable” transactions details available within your Profile. This provides a helpful ledger of the points you’ve earned, spent and awarded.

Badges and points aren’t just carrots to keep you working hard – they’re the result and proof of your meaningful contributions. We’re happy to celebrate what you have achieved by displaying your badges more prominently on your profile.

Stability Improvements

We’ve invested a lot of time reducing crashes and improving performance in both our iOS and Android apps. We receive problem reports in real time and we read and respond to every review – so please keep your feedback coming!

version 0.103.32 (iOS) 0.103.24 (Android)